I walk stairs of my life.

I stand by pillars of my strife.

I sleep lying buried underneath stars.

I perform every scene.

I act cautiously hanging in between.

I sit down to introspect.

And it piles up in words I reflect.


I play my part in every single thing

As a way of living life.

But when I walk, stand, sleep and perform

Act, sit and pile up all.

It is when I read myself from every view I form.

My eyes devour everything I go through.

I write my story of “dusk to dawn”.

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My story, my rhythm and my voice.

Undergo a change in the form of words.

Sings out a song that will last ever and ever.

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Turns my day to day happenings into an art.

Into a voice it shouts out by heart.

A shout of survival everyone looks through.

My words keep introspecting scanning out what is true.

Puts lots of questions in my eyes.

Unable to hide myself from my shadows.

I am inquired each moment by my blows.

About right and wrong in my meadows.



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Living in emotions

I withered continuously to keep up with my feelings.

Dried up at the cost of simplified mysteries.

Just to have a feel I always desired of.


Proud of my inner voice

A rhythm I loved to live on.

A tone I danced each moment on.



All of me sparkled with joys of my heart.

Under my voices

Every direction felt like my part.



There I stood in my space.

Everyone echoed from all directions.

A difficult phase.

Asked me to change my colors.

Raised hue and cry

Spilled pain over me.


A complete pandemonium

Did not change my colors.

But, I stopped…

Stopped dancing

Unable to keep up with my feelings.

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Travelling through time

My space got reduced.

My voices faded away.

There came a day

Again all hell broke loose.

This time pain couldn’t find its place anywhere,

A type of sadness left me in despair.


Here, I burst…

Out of my feelings I locked up inside.


Here I am…

On a path to regain my voices

To have a withered heart full of pain.

Ending shadows, I won’t drain.

Happy over the thought of mysteries it will solve again.