“THE ARRIVAL”- Nayana Nair

it rains in my heart


In the dismal hours

Of the darkest nights

Time has a habit

Of toying with my mind.

Sometimes, into untraceable

Cracks of thoughts, it disappears.

The hands of clock drag themselves

Through air of confusion and fear.

Through the fate

Of abysmal wait.


To get rid of this rosy fog

Time has put around me,

In which I stumble,

Fall and bleed.

I toss away everything

That’s left of me.

And soon the chaos inside me

Surrounds me, suffocates me.

I no longer wish to struggle.

I resign, I surrender myself

To the havoc, that is me.


When all I have won

Is about to be lost,

Clock finally reads twelve.

Tomorrow has arrived.

And it kneels by my bed,

Looks into my eyes,

Holds my hand,

And tells me

“There is hope”.

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“Safe” – Nayana Nair

it rains in my heart


My bare feet are as cold as

the marbled floor, it rests on.

And my heart is as fresh as

the smell of earth after rain.

My hands move on the rim of my glass

from which I drink up life.

And I close my eyes knowing

these bars will keep me safe.

I’ve got a key, to let in those

who care enough.

They keep me safe from the sick world

And from the cruel and the insane.


I take off my glasses

and they powder in my fist.

I blow them through the bars

on which they settle and seem like dust.

My feet seems to sink in the floor.

And the air is red with my screams.

There is ink on my fingers, on my tongue.

On the touch of shards of my broken glass.

I bleed blue.

It’s getting lonely here,

no one cares, no one…

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Footing myself up,

Somewhere at the bottom of platform

A platform that is my creation

A stage that is my realm

As far as my eyes senses

There’s no one around

But, I can see footprints of people l love




Imprints in this realm whisper voices and tones

Footsteps of people keeps humming around

Tracks playing different sounds

Breathes out songs of love and hatred

Some tones I find lovely, full of excitement

Others are ghosts that haunt me forever


images (2)


I fear to tune in with voices of pain and betrayal

I don’t know if they are real

I fear the reality it offers me to accept

And still I listen haunting myself up




Footing myself up,

I continue to see impressions of people I love

And continue to create darkness in which I break myself

It’s sad to have a broken self and a broken heart

It’s disgusting what I create for myself


images (1)


But I can’t stop looking at footmarks I have

I can’t stop listening to songs it sounds

I stopped for once

I lost sense of voices I had in my heart


images (3)


Broken self and broken heart,

Are better than losing myself in the midst of dark





Palpating consideration, the sense of my mind
Going through appears to me as twined
Every clock reminding me directs into it
The direction I am battling
Curled beckoning sound, sliding by to hit
The platform is what I am loosing

Asking myself……………
Should I go in the direction I am seeking?
Should I follow the instincts peeping?
Goes through the same………a tacit approval
Which you yourself are unable to know
Implicit voice you don’t want to follow
Your bests buddy gave a siren to the echo
Living in the complication, you can’t recognize
Either can’t understand eyes full of whys

But you know what?
Going through it we can feel and stand
The irritation running through to chain
Though the tentacles have digged into your head
The continuous spines are within your neck
You won’t feel it, but remain in that state
But I can understand your thriving plate

Shall I leave it the way?
Easing the life……and itching actions of the day
Shall I go away?
Erasing the throbbing bulk as my mind says
I can’t leave the platform that has to face
And you can’t bear the state of the case
Trapped in the veins to solve a riddle
Goes through the way…….a tacit approval



Well i must say it’s right enough
To risk my fortune on a throw is tough
I stood still, my heart thumping wildly
So as to give away psyche, felt like it’s too heavy
But you gotta make it, you gotta hold on it

Especially when
you were a single soul within two substrate
when you were my soulmate
the fire was burning on the heart within
and i was startled by a cry from in

its too hard….really very hard
to fight back craven direction
to struggle through a spirit graven

you can’t just cast aside your ail
because it just feels like
casting away your heart out of the folktail

by all means, living a war of trouble
either living a lie with voice of an angel

it sucks me when i am declined
from you who means world to my mind
my heart quivers in response
i can’t loose myself in aisle of seance
so, i would rather move on with my pain

to overcame that hard fought direction
that will lead me to living end of coffin
i can’t just cast aside my ail
because it just feels like
casting away my heart out of the folktail




Burst into tears
Everlasting pain and fears
Welled up within seconds, heart with spears

We stand apart, separated, tense
An assertion of right to silence

Contorted in the forlorn hope
Steps of journey
Spirits of closeness
Unable to speak, divided we fall

Living in the dilemma I can’t ignore
Filled with sorrow…loneliness grown
Proceeds from self made story
I am here to stare vacantly

How about……….?
No probs
Same old, same old

I shall travel repeated grounds
Set the scene, wounded
Though safe and sound

Well…here comes
Time to love you and leave you

Oh…part and parcel of my life
I won’t ever let you go

Good for the soul
I won’t ever lose it
All moments of remembrance
Unforgettable memories

DARKLING SKY – Neha Sharma



the sun is rising and shining

the moon’s wax and wane

usual darkling sky

all set out in a consistent way

one and the same

six feet under,

down the lane

mine is a terrible state of affairs

not my fault to be consistently unfair

like the sun in the center of carousel

all was born that way

waxing and waning ,

rising and shining

cycles of the season,

go off the deep end

all over again

journey seems interminable

to be all the same day by day

Known to you

I can feel my present state of play

To be numb, insensitive….as they say

The whys and the wherefores…..

After the wide span

A nature’s way of teaching

Normal as a habit of human beings

entangled in cat’s cradle

where does you go from here?

hard for you to bear

Minutes of lives laid bare

Moving in the soothing direction

Shifting towards pleasant season

Pick up the threads

Usual darkling sky

Fills me with dread

cognizant of the troublesome elf

bring about a quick getaway from self

made the conscious truth disguise

out of the question

If you are obscuring same from mine

My own burial

Face up to rain

Every now and then

Usual darkling sky

All over again

The bright lights

Kept up the pretence

Weak at the knees

I live somewhere

At the top of the tree

Fell apart…..full of spears

For real, that was me

Hit out blindly, hard to see