DARKLING SKY – Neha Sharma



the sun is rising and shining

the moon’s wax and wane

usual darkling sky

all set out in a consistent way

one and the same

six feet under,

down the lane

mine is a terrible state of affairs

not my fault to be consistently unfair

like the sun in the center of carousel

all was born that way

waxing and waning ,

rising and shining

cycles of the season,

go off the deep end

all over again

journey seems interminable

to be all the same day by day

Known to you

I can feel my present state of play

To be numb, insensitive….as they say

The whys and the wherefores…..

After the wide span

A nature’s way of teaching

Normal as a habit of human beings

entangled in cat’s cradle

where does you go from here?

hard for you to bear

Minutes of lives laid bare

Moving in the soothing direction

Shifting towards pleasant season

Pick up the threads

Usual darkling sky

Fills me with dread

cognizant of the troublesome elf

bring about a quick getaway from self

made the conscious truth disguise

out of the question

If you are obscuring same from mine

My own burial

Face up to rain

Every now and then

Usual darkling sky

All over again

The bright lights

Kept up the pretence

Weak at the knees

I live somewhere

At the top of the tree

Fell apart…..full of spears

For real, that was me

Hit out blindly, hard to see


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