Thank you so much Nayana Nair from for nominating me for this award. Her blog is awesome. I love to read her (exceptional poems marked with reality).





The rules of the Real Neat Blog Award are :-

  1. Thank and link the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions asked.
  3. Nominate 7 more bloggers for the award (it’s nice to advise them independently.
  4. Create seven questions for your Nominees.


Answers to the questions are :-

  • Who is your best friend and what do you love about him/her ?

Nayana Nair (she nominated for this award). I love to read almost everything she writes about.

  • Most scared you have ever been?

To me nothing is scarier than love.

  • One thing you could change about yourself?

I wish I could change falling in love. It is painful.

  • Your most precious belonging?


  • One childhood memory?

My father made me stand in front of him and started scolding me for not studying while everyone in my building was watching this scene like a movie creating a circle around me. I ran away when my father started scolding. He just arrived from his unit (he was in army. So, office is unit). He took out his leather belt to relax while scolding me. I thought now he is gonna beat me with this belt in front of everyone. So I ran away.

  • What irritates you?

My elder sister (1 year older) and my little brother (7 years younger) irritates me lot.

  • What do you love most about WordPress?

It does not take time to load. I can read posts of blogs I am following easily in Reader section. I can reblog posts I love.

  • Are you the person, you always wanted to be?

No. I always wanted to be perfect drawn by perfection which I am not and I can never be.

  • Worst nightmare ever?


  • Friendship or Love? Which is more important to you?

Friendship is more important to me. Love destroys. It kills. It is painful.

  • Your best quality?

I think I am good at arguement, no matter how much illogical my points may be.


My questions are :-

  1. Your life dream?
  2. What do you think about world you are living in?
  3. Do you love your country? If yes, how much? If no, why?
  4. Your favourite teacher and what did he/she changed about you?
  5. Your favourite song, movie ever?
  6. Why do you write?
  7. Biggest drama of your life?

My nominees are:-