MY STEPS – Neha Sharma



Should I move forward?

Lots of ways out there to pass through

I am about to take a trip,

But I do not work out to take steps.

Barely do I change,

I stick up for my position in confidence.

Lying down, I let this season pass by.


I visualize demanding moves.

I picture out its every distant dream.

Sketching all my imaginations,

I look ahead to step forward.

I speak up to believe myself.


On the contrary,

I foresee space for another line.

Trouble-free, a simple one

Offering liberty, I take pleasure in travelling.

I do not find myself on this road,

Inventing luxuries, the hard-hitting move designed for me.


I route my age positioning myself,

On the same page,

From where I was about to take a trip,

I didn’t work out to take any step.

I let all seasons pass by.

Till time will trace my rhythm to travel by